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Web Copy - Arrowmaker Communications, Bedford (Copywriters)
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Content like white papers, opinion papers and bylined articles can help your brand to establish a thought leadership position publicly and in the media.

A white paper or opinion paper can be a substantial piece of work, many pages long; an article (or byliner) is usually a shorter affair to fill a defined space in a publication.

Critical to both is the authority and originality of the content, and the conspicuous absence of conventional salesmanship!

Your white papers and opinion papers must positively hum with challenges to the prevailing opinion, and robust references to back your claims. Your articles must deliver fresh insight and a new ‘take’. And both must sell your expertise, not your products.

This is exactly what we deliver when you ask us to write for you.

Why our writing works for your white papers and more

We’ve written white papers, opinion papers and bylined articles around a whole host of diverse subjects – from fundraising to logistics planning, customer satisfaction in the utilities industry to weaknesses in tablet design, worker productivity to the limitations of the Internet of Things.

So, we’re experienced – but we also deliver what many other copywriters can’t:

The easiest briefing process possible – Forget our asking you to fill out a complex written briefing. We’ll simply interview you over the phone or face-to-face to understand the landscape you want your paper or article to explore, the most effective angle to take, and the conclusions you need to clearly steer your readers to.

Writing that puts the reader first – If you can host your content on your website, it’s important that it attracts the attention of search engines, and we’ll look after that – but we’ll also ensure that your words are compelling enough to spark a conversation with readers, first and foremost!

Original content, robust references – We don’t copy – ever. Whatever we write for you will be a 100% original form of words, with references and citations where appropriate, meaning both Google and your readers will take a favourable view of the text’s authority and credibility!

Design and production if you need it – Working with our trusted design partners, we can also take care of the layout and graphic design of your white papers and opinion papers, taking you from words to final document in both electronic and print form.

With billing options including ad hoc / per-deliverable, per-project, hourly rate, retainer, and more, there’s an approach to suit most projects and budgets, too.

Check out the other copywriting deliverables we can help you with

Aside from white papers, opinion papers and bylined articles, we can deliver the full range of copywriting services,


Why work with us for your white papers and articles?

We’ve produced pretty much every flavour of white paper, opinion paper and article in the more than twenty years we’ve been writing, to suit many different styles and brands.

From highly formal to energetically controversial, we’re at home with it all, and this means that, whatever tone of voice you favour, we can start quickly and progress rapidly, getting the work off your desk and onto ours in short order.

A round of consolidated edits is always included in our price (two if an agency or partner is involved) for each deliverable, so you can ensure your stakeholders’ input is taken into account at no additional cost.

You have compelling writing to deliver. We will deliver it for you. That’s how we work.


Once the copy for the white paper, opinion paper or article is delivered to you, we’re on hand to edit it if needed.

All we ask is that you get whatever changes you have to us in one consolidated document or set of comments.

(Where we’re working through an agency, or there’s a partner involved, we will of course accept a round of consolidated edits from them too, at no additional cost).


We proof every draft but we’ll also reproof the final cut of the document once it’s been designed and produced (although for bylined articles editors probably won’t give us this option).

End-to-end production and printing

We’re word specialists, but working with our trusted design partners we can take your white papers and opinion papers right through to final design and production – and we work with high-quality commercial printers (not print brokers) to deliver printed versions too, if required.

We can also call on specialist additional services to add content and SEO value to your white papers, articles, etc., including photography, video (including video interviews and drone footage), and more.

Getting started

Getting started with our white papers, opinion papers and bylined articles is quick and easy – all you need to do is respond using the contact button below.

We’ll give you an hour’s initial consultation by phone or other agreed method absolutely FREE – so what are you waiting for?

Get in touch about white papers and articles today!