Arrowmaker is delighted to announce its latest client, Italy’s premier boutique PR agency BMP Comunicazione, which has entrusted us with the translation and localisation into English of its new website content, including its customer testimonials.

BMP, which has offices in Rome and Milan, has a phenomenal reputation and track record and it was a real privilege for us here at Arrowmaker to be chosen to do it justice in our own tongue.

In addition to copywriting, translation is a value-added service that Arrowmaker has been called on to deliver on several occasions by international clients who need to be confident that their copy will function effectively as local marketing content, not merely as a word-for-word rendering.

Simon Fletcher, founder of Arrowmaker Communications, said: “BMP is universally respected in Italy for its open, transparent and accessible approach to PR and it was critical that the proof points for these qualities came through strongly in the translation. The timescales were tight, but we pulled out all the stops and delivered two weeks ahead of schedule. We look forward very much to working with BMP again.”

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