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Video & Animation - Arrowmaker Communications, Bedford
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Moving images and words can play off each other with extraordinary effect, conveying impressions that are much more powerful than basic marketing messages.

Increasingly, video and animation are also a key weapon in your SEO armoury, since video channel YouTube is reportedly now used for searching for web content more than Google is!

But it’s critical that you have a voiceover script that absolutely ‘nails’ your messages before shooting or production even begins. Off-message videos and animations are an expensive way to get nowhere and can even damage your positioning!

In short, the success of your videos and animations is as dependent on the thoughts and words behind them as what is seen on-screen.

That’s why we’ve got all these bases covered.

Why our writing works for your videos and animations

We’ve been scripting and managing the production of video and animations for well over twenty years, for clients of all sizes, in many different verticals.

From big-ticket corporate filming to sub-two-minute promos, simple motion graphics to high-end CGI, professional voiceover to multilingual subtitles, we’ve made the moving image say all the right things for our clients’ marketing.

But we’re refreshing to work with, too – because we do things other copywriters won’t:

We keep the briefing process painless – We don’t want extensive written briefing sheets from you. We’ll simply get you on a conference call, or meet face-to-face, and interview you to understand the messages your video and animation voiceover must convey, to which audiences, and to achieve which actions.

We’ll work directly with your videographer – We don’t believe you should have to waste your time acting as go-between, so once we’ve agreed the messaging and voiceover script you can connect us directly to your videographer or animator and we’ll take care of the rest of the production (including filming, if required).

We can be your videographer too – If you’re not already working with a videographer, we have excellent, trusted video and animation partners, so you can get a complete, end-to-end scripting and production service from us.

We’ll help your videos to perform, thanks to our partners who advise on formats, channels, SEO, and all the other techniques to get your video generating views, likes, conversations, enquiries – and conversions!

Our billing options are flexible, too, including ad hoc / per-deliverable, per-project, hourly rate, retainer, and more – so there’s an approach to suit every project and budget.

Other copywriting we can help you with

Aside from videos and animations, we deliver the full range of copywriting services, including:

Why work with us for your videos and animation?

It’s not just our experience that makes us a savvy copywriting choice for your video and animation work, it’s our approach to our work, too.

We exist to get exacting, time-consuming writing off your desk and onto ours, to start work on it quickly, and to progress it to conclusion rapidly. And we do it this way because we understand that you’re busy enough already with your core business activities and we should be making your life easier, not more complex.

And to that end, we’ll do our best to always accommodate your input and feedback. A round of consolidated edits is always included in our price (two if an agency or partner is involved) for each deliverable, so your key stakeholders get a say at no extra cost, too.

You want effective video and animation, in short order. We make sure you’re on the right track from the very start.


Once the script is delivered to you, we’re on hand to edit it if needed.

All we ask is that you get whatever changes you have to us in one consolidated document or set of comments.

(Where we’re working through an agency, or there’s a partner involved, we will of course accept a round of consolidated edits from them too, at no additional cost).


We proof every script draft but we’ll also reproof the final cut of the video or animation once it’s been produced.

End-to-end video and animation production

We focus principally on voiceover scripts and strategic messaging, but we work with trusted video and animation partners to manage the whole production process – including filming, where required.

We can also call on specialist additional services to add value to the content of your video and animations, including stills photography, interviewers, drone footage, and more.

Getting started

Getting started with our videos and animations is quick and easy – all you need to do is respond using the contact button below, or give us a call on 0871 789 2743 (from outside the UK: +44 (0) 871 789 2743).

We’ll give you an hour’s initial consultation by phone or other agreed method absolutely FREE – so what are you waiting for?

Get in touch about video and animation today!