24Sep 2018

  The blog you promised yourself on Friday you’d write on Monday is proving to be a difficult birth. The residue of the weekend is clogging your creativity glands and all you can do is stare (and silently swear) at the screen. What on earth are you going to write? Over the next few weeks […]

06Sep 2018

    Leading Edge Only (LEO) needed to find the words to market an exceptionally fast-growing and flexible innovation platform across multiple channels, to a highly educated and demanding audience. Read how Arrowmaker Communications’ copywriting and content marketing services helped them to achieve a 20% per month uplift in membership of their Global Innovation Marketplace! […]

30Aug 2018

A good case study demonstrates the fundamental truth of third-party endorsement: when somebody else blows your trumpet, the music sounds sweeter! In fact, research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that B2B companies rate case studies as a top priority in content strategy, with 77% using them to engage prospects. (This is higher even than […]

08Aug 2018

What are you going to be doing over those fast-approaching summer holidays (if you’ve not already boarded the ‘plane?) Ask a copywriter, and you’ll probably get some fairly off-the-wall responses, because the fact of the matter is we’re always looking at how businesses, products and marketers use words – even when we’re off-duty! So, this […]

10Jul 2018

  Everybody – even a copywriter – makes a grammar or spelling mistake now and again, or bashes out a typo. Don’t sweat it – you’re human. But beware of the textbook clangers and howlers that make your brand look careless, your people look uneducated, and your credentials look shaky. In this blog, we look […]