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Google loves authoritative, regularly updated website content. Your prospects and customers love helpful, readable guidance that isn’t too long and doesn’t give them the hard sell. Achieve both with a blog!

Get this right and you can establish your brand as the source of trusted information around both the problems your products and services solve and how best to solve them, enlivened with winning humour and insightful opinion.

Helpful and interesting blogs make you an easily found, go-to brand for online information and advice – which is where the sales process begins.

But frequency, topicality, and quality are key. The more you blog, the more Google notices you, but then you’ve got a challenge: keeping up that well written, engaging, timely output again and again, to move your newly acquired readers steadily down the ‘sales funnel’ towards a buying decision.

It takes time, effort and writing skill. And we can take care of it for you.

Why our blogs deliver the best results

We have many years’ experience in writing blogs and other copy and content for clients of all sizes, ranging from marketing agencies, to accountants, to manufacturers, to software companies, and many more. We deliver what many copywriters simply don’t, including:

Total flexibility on briefing and planning – We don’t throw a briefing sheet at you and sit there waiting. We’re happy to manage the briefing process over the phone, or face to face, and work with you proactively to help you plan as well as execute your blogging content – whether a one-off ‘special’ or an entire series.

SEO-friendly writing – Our blogs will feature not only your critical keywords but also Latent Semantic Index (LSI) and long-tail phrases in a minimum 600-word text, helping Google match customers’ searches to your blog themes more intuitively and effectively.

Original content – no ifs, no buts – Google doesn’t like duplication and will penalise your search result ranking if it thinks you’re copying or plagiarising. We write an original form of words every time, but reference, quote and hyperlink where appropriate to help increase your Google authority score.

Blogs in every style – Did you know there are over 200 formally identified styles of blog style, each of which can work best in specific contexts? We can write all of them – from ‘How to’ to ‘Checklist’, ‘Inspirational’ to ‘People to follow’, ‘What if’ to ‘Debate’– in fact, a blog style for every audience, campaign and objective.

Audience-friendly, action-orientated– We’ll work with you to understand your audience, their professional personas, and the messages and tone of voice they’ll respond best to – and we’ll embed these in every blog, with links and calls to action to draw them further into your website, your business, and your people.


And with flexible payment options – per-blog, per-series, per-deliverable (including copy other than blogs), retainer, and more, we’ve a blog solution to suit everybody’s budget.

Beyond blogs: more copy to make your marketing work harder

We deliver many other copywriting assets to draw traffic into your website and move visitors further down your online and offline sales funnel, too – including:

Why work with us for your blogs?

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger looking to maintain or boost your output, a blog newbie, or anything in between, we make it easy to work with us.

You can brief us on a call or face-to-face, and we’ll use our tried and tested questioning to ‘nail’ the critical messages and content direction – and you can do this blog by blog or as part of a complete blog series plan.

And when a news item breaks and you want to piggyback on it, or circumstances change and your messaging needs to change with them, we’ll swap things around so that you’ve got new blog material ready to go without it disrupting the rest of the plan.

We’re here to make blogging a straightforward process that delivers return on investment, so that you can get on with your core business.


Once the blog copy’s delivered, we’re on hand to edit it if needed.

All we ask is that you get whatever changes you have to us in one consolidated document or set of comments.


We proof every draft but we’ll also reproof the final cut of the blog once it’s ready to go live.

Additional services

We can also call on specialist additional services to add visual and audio interest to your blogs, including photography, video (including video interviews and drone footage), and more.

Getting started

Getting started with our blogs is quick and easy – all you need to do is respond using the contact button below.

We’ll give you an hour’s initial consultation by phone or other agreed method absolutely FREE – so what are you waiting for?

Get in touch about blogs today!