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There’s an old saying – “When somebody else blows your trumpet, the music always sounds sweeter.” And there is no better example of this third-party endorsement effect than a glowing case study from a happy customer.

This is why you need well written, convincing, uplifting case studies on your website, in your email and social media campaigns, and for use as physical sales collateral. When one customer speaks out, other customers (and prospects) get interested too!

But although case studies come in many different forms, layouts and levels of detail, there is a definite art to writing them effectively.

The problem, solution, outcomes and favourable metrics must be clearly set out and convincingly argued. The customer featured must supply powerful supporting quotes. And the case study content must win over both humans and search engines.

It’s not rocket science. But then we’re not rocket scientists – just top-notch case study writers.

Why our writing works for your case studies

We’ve written case studies in every form and for every kind of customer imaginable. A few short paragraphs to add the edge to a website testimonial; brief one- or two-page downloads; editorial-style pieces, for use by journalists; beautifully designed and laid-out examples for use alongside corporate brochures.

But we’re as proud of how we work with you as we are of what we produce for you, and it’s here that we do things many other copywriters just don’t:

We take the pain out of the briefing process – We don’t want you to spend your time writing an extensive brief for your case study. Instead, we’ll simply get you (and your customer, and the partner who owns the relationship with the customer if necessary) on a conference call and interview you to really get to the bottom of what you have delivered, why it is different, and how it makes you look better than your competitors!

We shield you from noise – You’re the client, and your word’s final, but on a day-to-day basis we don’t want you snowed with email about the case study, so your customer, partners, and others involved in the process can talk to us direct if they need to.

Our words are 100% original, always – Your case study will be written totally from scratch. Any quotes and citations from existing sources will be clearly flagged. This is because your business deserves a unique and authentic voice, and doesn’t deserve to be penalised for duplication in search engine results!

We can take care of the entire production process – Apart from writing the case study copy, we can also work with trusted graphic designers to provide an end-to-end services that turns your case study into a professionally laid-out piece of sales and marketing collateral for both electronic and print use.

We’re flexible on billing, too, with options including ad hoc / per-deliverable, per-project, hourly rate, retainer, volume discount, and more – so there’s an approach to suit every project and budget.

More copywriting we can help you with

Aside from case studies, we deliver the full range of copywriting services, including:

Why work with us for your case studies?

For us, it’s not enough to be experienced and skilled: we want to be flexible, accommodating and easy to work with, too.

This is because we understand that the reason you’re working with us in the first place is that writing is an exacting and time-consuming task that you need to get off your desk and onto ours, in order that you can focus on your core business activities.

We don’t want to add complexity back into that process!

To this end, a round of consolidated edits is always included in our price (two if an agency or partner is involved) for each deliverable, because we know that you have to take account of your critical stakeholders’ input too.

You want a finished case study – we take care of that and everything that comes before it.


Once the case study draft is delivered to you, we’re on hand to edit it if needed.

All we ask is that you get whatever changes you have to us in one consolidated document or set of comments.

(Where we’re working through an agency, or there’s a partner involved, we will of course accept a round of consolidated edits from them too, at no additional cost).


We proof every draft but we’ll also reproof the final cut once it’s been produced.

End-to-end case study production

Powerful words and quotes are the bedrock of a convincing case study, but we also work with trusted design partners to manage the entire production process – design, layout, final output, print if required – to make your case study look really professional and special.

We can also call on specialist additional services to add that ‘killer element’ to your case study, including photography, video (including video interviews and drone footage), and more.

Getting started

Getting started with our case studies is quick and easy – all you need to do is respond using the contact button below.

We’ll give you an hour’s initial consultation by phone or other agreed method absolutely FREE – so what are you waiting for?

Get in touch about case studies today!