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Content-rich brochures and collateral boost your site’s search engine rankings, give you ‘ammunition’ for electronic and physical mailings, and steer your prospects one step further towards a buying decision.

From full corporate brochures, to collateral aimed at a specific sector or market vertical, to individual product briefs and data sheets, this material can be produced both electronically and in print, helping to bridge the gap between your digital and physical marketing strategies.

Brochures or sales collateral are what many visitors to your website will ultimately seek to obtain – often in exchange for their contact details – so that they can research your products and services in more depth.

But to work effectively, your brochures and sales collateral must sing your selling points and differentiators loud and clear, give your business a professional but likeable personality, and convey consistent branding, messaging and tone of voice.

We’re here to make sure that happens, across every brochure and piece of collateral we write for you.

Why our brochures and collateral work best

Our experience of writing brochures and collateral stretches back over twenty years. We’ve written brochures and collateral for businesses of all types and sizes, from multinational software and telecomms corporations, to international publishing houses, to consultants and local SMEs.

They value us because we deliver what many other copywriters don’t:

Customer-friendly briefing process – We don’t expect you to fill in an interminable briefing sheet. Instead, we’ll interview you over the phone or face-to-face to really get to the bottom of what makes your business, product or service different and special – and we’ll do that for every single piece of collateral we write for you.

Benefits-focused, SEO-savvy writing – We ensure the brochure and collateral content hosted on your website does its bit to push you up Google’s rankings – but we focus on clearly articulating customer benefits before all else!

Targeted audience messaging – We’ll work with you to understand your audience’s pain points and respond to them with messages they’ll react positively to, in language and tone of voice they’ll trust.

End-to-end writing, design and production – We’ve been working for many years with trusted design partners who add value to our words through clean, clear layouts and message-enhancing graphics, as well as with hiqh-quality commercial printers (not print brokers). We can produce your collateral from words to final design in both electronic and print form.

Our pricing is flexible and transparent, too, with billing options including ad hoc / per-deliverable, per-project, hourly rate, retainer, and more.

Brochures and collateral: not even half the story!

Brochures and collateral are only one element in your marketing communications strategy, which is why we deliver many other services to support it too, including:

Why work with us for your brochures and collateral?

We worked in-house for many years and we know the challenges you face in producing brochures and collateral that push all the buttons but please all the stakeholders.

We make it easy to get all of that off your desk and onto ours. No detailed briefing sheets or scoping documents required – simply pick up the phone to us or meet us face-to-face and we’ll interview you to distil your killer messages and understand your target audiences.

And one round of consolidated edits is always included in our price (two if an agency or partner is involved) for each brochure or piece of collateral, so we won’t charge you for editing and correction unless you submit an additional round outside of this.

We’re here to take brochures and collateral off your to-do list and deliver them back to you when they’re done – we won’t make it any more complex than that.


Once the brochure copy is delivered, we’re on hand to edit it if needed.

All we ask is that you get whatever changes you have to us in one consolidated document or set of comments.

(Where we’re working through an agency, or there’s a partner involved, we will of course accept a round of consolidated edits from them too, at no additional cost).


We proof every draft but we’ll also reproof the final cut of the brochure or other piece of collateral once it’s been produced.

End-to-end brochure and collateral production and printing

We’re word specialists, but working with our trusted design partners we can take your brochures and collateral right through to final design and production – and we work with high-quality commercial printers (not print brokers) to deliver printed versions too, if required.

We can also call on specialist additional services to add that ‘killer element’ to your brochures and collateral, including photography, video (including video interviews and drone footage), and more.

Getting started

Getting started with brochure and collateral writing is quick and easy – all you need to do is respond using the contact button below, or give us a call on 0871 789 2743 (from outside the UK: +44 (0) 871 789 2743).

We’ll give you an hour’s initial consultation by phone or other agreed method absolutely FREE – so what are you waiting for?

Get in touch about brochures and collateral today!