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Blog ideas series #2: Are you human? Then show it in your blogs! - Arrowmaker Communications Limited
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Photo by Nguyễn Minh Chiến on Unsplash

You’ll recall that, last month, we published the first in our series of blogs designed to give you some inspiration for writing your own blogs when the ideas just won’t come!

Well, this is the second blog in that series, and in it we’re going to focus on writing blogs around the themes that live in every one of us – in other words, the human angle!


Firstly, be inspirational!

As the venerable Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas, explains, “Some of the most effective content on the web is neither informational nor entertaining – it simply inspires.” So how do you actually write something that is inspirational?


Change your language

Do inspirational posts read like reviews or reports? No. What sets inspirational posts apart is that they are charismatic – and to achieve this, your blog needs to convey three things: presence, warmth and power.

Check out this great article for hints and tips on how to hard-wire inspiration into your blog at the most fundamental level – language!


Choose the right theme

Inspiration is about renewing your audience’s faith in human (yep, that word again!) nature and so expanding the optimistic possibilities their minds can entertain.

Again, sober reports and the like are not the right subject matter for this context! Instead, write something like:

  • A story post. There are some excellent ideas for this, including personal discovery stories, success stories and failure stories (yes, they can be inspiring too!) in this story post guide from ProBlogger.


  • A profile post – An inspirational profile post about a business leader, your customers, someone who’s up and coming in your industry – or just someone whose ideas, attitude and thoughts you admire. Do an interview with the person, if you can, and transcribe it – It’s a great way to capture their inspirational excitement about their subject matter, like we did with Professor Bill Buchanan.


  • A quote post – Take some uplifting or insightful quotes from literature, business, politics, or commentators in your industry and simply explain why they inspire you (it’s odd-on your audience will agree). To see how this can work in practice, check out this quote post video.


Secondly, talk about something other than business!

The point here is that both you and your audience is human – so why would you only talk about business when humans almost always have such diverse conversational interests?

Yes, business is ultimately the point of your blog, but there are myriad other human themes you can use to appeal to your readers’ sensibilities, too, from politics, to art and culture, to education, to the price of a pint – so don’t be afraid to go off-topic now and again.

(And you can even bring an off-topic post right back on message for your business, as we did recently with our blog about what to do over the summer holidays!)


Thirdly, have a rant!

OK, this one can be tricky – in most circumstances, it’s only a bulletproof proposition if you already have a loyal blog following that is unlikely to be put off by strongly expressed opinions that they don’t necessarily agree with.

Nonetheless, a well written, forceful, or even controversial rant shows your human side by revealing your passion and anger about a topic that is relevant to your audience.

(It also has the distinct advantage that people are much more likely to share it – giving you additional reach and potentially attracting new visitors and subscribers!)

As an example, one of the values our audience shares with us , and, in turn, expects us to hold dear (given that we’re copywriters), is correct and professional use of language. Cue our rant post about the Cooperative Bank’s ill-advised efforts to rhyme “endeavour” with “weather” in a recent advertising campaign.


What comes next in this series?

Of course, there are many more ways to demonstrate humanity in your blogs, and to humanise your brand (which is the ultimate goal) – but the tips above should give you a flying start when your originality is at a low ebb!

Next time, we show you how to write blogs that work as promotional tools for your business (after all, we’re all born human, but businesses have to work at succeeding!)






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