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Often, copywriting is the key that opens up many other marketing needs around content, messaging and strategy, and we can address many of these (and more) through the additional services provided by us and our specialist partners.

These include:

Application copy

If you need to complete a job, college or university application, or other similar document, we can write it from scratch for you or edit it to sharpen the core messages and add authority to your tone of voice.

Interviewing for video and audio

Interviews are a great way to generate compelling content for audio and video marketing channels, but also for live events like trade shows, customer and partner conferences, and more. Our experienced interviewers know exactly how to prepare and deliver skilled interview questions that elicit engaging responses.


Whether you’re opening a new facility, delivering the keynote at an event, or just want to impress a business audience with a powerful turn at the lectern, we can get the words down in a way that makes them sound stunning when they come out again!

Language support

For general language support and short translation work from French and German, we have qualified linguists ready to go.

Drone footage

Our skilled videographer and animator partners are qualified, licensed drone pilots – so whether you need drone footage for your video or for other reasons, we can help.

Communications consultancy

Sometimes, it takes a skilled external eye to see where your greatest marketing communications challenges and opportunities lie – and how to rise to them. We can give you short consultations and helpful advice to help you move forward.

Getting started

Getting started with our additional services is quick and easy – all you need to do is respond using the contact button below…

Get in touch about our additional services today!