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About Us - Arrowmaker Communications, Bedfordshire (Copywriters)
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When it comes to copywriting, suffice it to say we’re not beginners.

We’ve been writing marketing copy, web copy and media articles since 1997, drawing on our lengthy experience of English and foreign language teaching, marketing, PR, corporate communications, retail and publishing.

Words are precious to us – but we’re not precious about words. We’re here to make them do their job, which is to tell a stunning story about your brand, your products and your services that people and search engines alike will notice and be influenced by.

We do this day in, day out, so you can trust us to deliver it.

More about our experience

Simon Fletcher Arrowmaker Communications copywriting Bedford Bedfordshire

Simon Fletcher, Founder of Arrowmaker Communications, copywriters in Bedford

Founder Simon Fletcher trained as a promotions copywriter in a Cambridge-based publishing house.

He subsequently moved on to senior communications, marketing and PR positions at Autonomy Corporation, RBS WorldPay, AVEVA, and Trend Micro, amongst others.

Simon then founded Arrowmaker Communications, in Bedford, to provide comprehensive copywriting services under one roof, but with strong service links to complementary partners specialising in video, design, photography, video and audio interviewing, and other offerings that enable content to work harder for your marketing!

Who are our clients?

We cut our copywriting teeth in B2B publishing, technology and banking, cybersecurity and more, but today our copywriting services are used by every kind of business in Bedford and further afield, including:

  • Multinational software corporations (Oracle, IBM)
  • Professional organisations (CIPD, CompTIA)
  • SMEs and sole traders (accountants, sheet metal fabricators, printers, utility contractors, software distributors, HR contractors, marketing agencies… and more!) in Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northampton, London, and further afield, including in Denmark and Italy.

Why do our copywriting clients love us?

We decided early on that we wanted to make the outsourced copywriting process easy, transparent and quick for the client – because we’d seen it from the other side of the desk, where it often seemed cumbersome and mired in false mystique!

So, when we founded Arrowmaker Communications, we formulated our ‘Copywriting Laws’ – an approach that’s been delighting our clients for many years:

  • Briefings are by phone or face-to-face wherever possible. This enables us to manage the briefing reporter-style and ask searching questions that get to the bottom of why your brand, product or service is different to what’s already out there. (It’s also a lot less effort on your part than filling out a complex briefing sheet and it means we can draft the copy much earlier!)
  • We don’t copy copy. Ever ever. You’re paying us good money. For that, you get original copy, written from scratch, to capture your business’s voice, authority and personality and not get you penalised by Google for duplication. If we use a quote or reference we’ll clearly flag it.
  • We’re not precious. The reader constructs the meaning. If the copy’s not intelligible and compelling for its intended audience, it’s not working. We’ll break every grammar rule and convention in the book, if we have to, to get through to your audience (as long as it doesn’t harm the reputation of your brand). And we’ll push back on your choice of words if we think it’s wrong – we’re advisers and consultants as well as writers!
  • We communicate directly. You haven’t got time to act as a go-between for your writer, graphic designer, videographer, webmaster, customer, partner and everyone else. So, subject to your approval, we ask them to contact us with any questions directly. Quicker, neater, less hassle for you.
  • You get free edits. Sometimes, you and your stakeholders will want to make a few edits. That’s always allowed and it’s always in the price, and we’ll even give a similar round of edits to your customer or partner, if their signoff is needed, too. But we need all the edits on one document, with no contradictions between them. For further edits, you pay extra. (Focuses the mind and makes the approval process more efficient!)

Copywriting is a skill, but it shouldn’t be a dark art. We’re open about what we do, how we do it, what you should expect from us, and vice versa.

And because we’ve got that clear in our heads, we have an enviable reputation for delivering on time, on brief and on point.

Get started with our copywriting services

Getting started with our copywriting services is quick and easy – all you need to do is respond using the contact button below.

We’ll give you an hour’s initial consultation by phone or other agreed method absolutely FREE – so what are you waiting for?

Get in touch today!